About Us

Who we are

Leviathan Design is dedicated to providing technical innovation in manufacturing, factory automation, product design and in the creation of special purpose machinery. Established in 2006, Leviathan Design has since provided innovative solutions to both Australian and international clients in diverse industries, including Electrolux Home Products, Continental Automotive and Thales Australia, among many others.

We have a highly motivated team of engineers, designers, tool makers and machinists, who contribute their skills to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers. Utilising state of the art equipment and software, we aim to achieve the most technically sound solution possible.

Our facility

Over the years we have invested heavily into our facility. From the printed circuit board assembly equipment to numerically controlled milling machines our facility is truly state of the art. Continually growing with our local customers we always strive to keep as much as possible in-house and within Australia.

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